Risultati immagini per Weathering With You

Change is a phenomenon that passes through the life of each of us, at some point in our lives. A fundamental rite of passage, not always immersed in a bath of maturity, but fundamental for human evolution. Weathering With You emerges as the emblem of change, like the new work by Makoto Shinkai.

The director with the astronomical success, the master Shinkai, is about to return to take on the lights of the Japanese animated stage, silently working on his new project, the ambitious Wathering With You, of which you can find our first analysis on what to expect from the feature film. Legitimate heir to Your Name, we are all looking with skepticism and aspiration at the last Comix Wave home film, which could stand as a champion of a trand of which the director himself was the initiator.

Makoto Shinkai knows this, and is probably afraid of it, but we are certain that, in one way or another, this film will reserve much more than a surprise, which we are not in the skin to discover. In July, therefore, will kick off a new path linked to the animation of the Rising Sun, which excites our insatiable thirst for souls with a new promotional poster that shows off the two main protagonists of the project, and that you can admire at the bottom of the article. No detail comes with the key visual, other than a further confirmation of the commitment of REDWIMPS in the soundtrack of the film, retracing those musical feelings already anticipated with Your Name. In any case, you can give the film a first taste with the first trailer,

which presents to us in all its splendor the usual visual apparatus of great depth, a trademark of the animation studio.

And you, what do you think of Weathering With You, what are your expectations?

source: anime.everyeye.it/notizie/weathering-with-you-nuovo-poster-promozionale-film-makoto-shinkai-380158.html