The media echoes of the various articles published in the US continues, among which the Washington Post and New York Times issues, almost simultaneously, emerge in a national scenario characterized by a robust dose of confusion and misunderstanding. The confusion is mainly due to the new acronyms adopted. The acronym Ufo, increasingly considered inconvenient as it is disqualified, tends to prefer more and more the more presentable Uap (unidentified aerial / aerospace phenomena) and Uav (unidentified aerial / aerospace vehicle) and a little more rarely the Aap pair (anomalous aerial / aerospace phenomena) and Aav (anomalous aerial / aerospace vehicle).

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Meanwhile, in this fuss of interpretations and acronyms escapes, as often happens, the most important thing: the establishment in the United States of a group of independent scientists and researchers called Scu (Scientific coalition for Uap studies), which defines itself as “an organization of research composed mainly of scientists, former military officers and law enforcement personnel with technical experience and background in investigative techniques “.

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