An infinity pool 220 meters high with a transparent floor. The incredible rooftop announced by Compass Pools in the heart of London would be a perfect set for an upcoming James Bond movie.

Infinity London does not exist yet, but it is already causing a sensation. We are talking about a new 55-storey skyscraper with a 360-degree rooftop pool, whose work should start within the next year. A futuristic project that – just like Tulip – will change the skyline of the City.

The focal point of the entire project will be an evocative 600,000-liter water pool, which can be “admired” from the bottom up towards the other thanks to its suggestive, yet safe, transparent floor. It will be made with a patented acrylic material, just like the edges, which will coincide with the skyscraper facades, creating a true infinity pool: an infinity pool from which to admire the sunset and the thousand facets of the city, with an uninterrupted view to 360 degrees, both above and below the water.

Below the pool, offices and a luxury hotel, whose roof will be inspired by submarines, with a watertight chamber and a rotating spiral staircase that will allow you to enter and exit the pool from the lower floor, without a drop of water. water comes out of the tub. An engineering and architectural innovation for a swimming pool that will shine at night just like a diamond torch and in which everyone is already dreaming of diving.