Actor Ian Alexander praises Naughty Dog and The Last of Us 2: “it’s the best game ever and it changed my life”.

Risultati immagini per tlou 2

Sony and Naughty Dog have not yet released new information on The Last of Us 2, but the interest surrounding the work continues to be very high.

Rumors have recently circulated about a possible postponement to 2020, while the pre-orders were opened on Amazon last week. Meanwhile, the actor Ian Alexander, who will play the role of Lev in the game, intervened on Twitter to answer the question of a fan who asked him to describe his work experience.

The American artist called The Last of Us 2 “the best game ever”, but he also added that taking part in the project was engaging, stimulating, and literally changed his life.

The Last of Us 2 is under development for PlayStation 4 but at the moment it doesn’t have a certain launch date yet. The latest rumors suggest that it could be released in February next year.