La generazione del benessere: tra lusso ed eccessi

Showing wealth and wellbeing to everyone is one of the main characteristics of the era in which we live. When we are on social networks, especially on Instagram, we can see a panorama of characters dedicated to the good life and luxury.

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The classic symbols of luxury
The gambling game traditionally has been linked to luxury, it is no coincidence that the first casinos were actually located in places renowned from a tourist point of view, but also frequented by the aristocracy: Venice, Principality of Monaco to name a few . Originally the French nobility before the revolution, then before 1789, loved to play games of chance. And it is precisely in this period that we owe the invention of roulette that in some way and really represents the entrance int


o the modern society of gambling, because roulette succeeds in reproducing chance and randomness: it is not a coincidence that a ball and a wheel are used, tools that lend themselves to favoring chance and randomness and that in some way replace data, for millennia the most widespread form of game in the world. Today there are apps and online casinos, to know more it is worth reading a few reviews, click here if you want to open yourself to other curiosities of the web and see what it is in more detail. Knowing more is always better before registering and starting spending to try your luck, knowing is power, always good to remember.

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Generation Wealth: pioneering work on contemporary status symbols
Contemporary society pushes towards these memorably framed models from the goal of American photographer Lauren Greenfield, who has developed many of her works on this kind of mentality. The film Generation Wealth appeared recently on Amazon Prime, which retraces the fundamental steps of this author, a pioneer perhaps, who has fathomed the search for luxury in some cases in an amoral way with her work. From a neutral point of view, buying 100 bottles of champagne and playing huge sums of money at the casinos may seem a bit crazy, and in fact they are somehow similar to the ones we deal with on our site. The fact of using long limousines rather than other eccentric behaviors, are forms of egocentrism, daughters of this society. Avoiding easy conclusions and fourth-hand sociologism, we can also say that the forced search for luxury is the proof of a failed search for meaning within the consumer society. Those who know a little about history know that these behaviors are not new, on the contrary, in the various epochs they have known similar behaviors out of their mind … it’s really true there is nothing new under the sun.

Risultati immagini per oggetti di lusso