Although I am not a reader of Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comics, I waited a
long time to see this episode. By doing what I do, it’s hard to avoid
spoilers, so I knew we would see peaks on a hill and I knew there would be
heads on them.

I was not sure which one. The final elections were. . . interesting. Of the
brutally murdered by Alpha and Whisperers in retaliation for taking Lydia
(Cassidy McClincy), only three were something like the main characters. We
had the two newly presented Highwaymen, in addition to DJs, three of the
teenagers, the blacksmith’s wife and then the older ones: Enid (Katelyn
Nacon), Tara (Alanna Masterson) and Henry (Matt Lintz).

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Full list of the dead in order of appearance:

Highwayman second-in-command
Tammy Rose

I will not compare this list with those that died in the comics, except to
say that it is a very different result. I really thought that we would be
willing to see some characters die (Rosita’s pregnancy seemed a sure thing,
both Luke and Aidan looked like potential drug dealers, when they could not
find Ezequiel, I thought it was the worst, etc.) But do not expect these
three in total.


It’s an iconic way to go for Enid, Tara and Henry. Tara was actually, at
this point, one of the oldest characters in The Walking Dead, believe it or
not. He had been present since the fourth season when he joined the
Governor and attacked the prison, so Glenn was saved and saved.