Czech Game Editors has officially announced Sanctum, a new board game developed by Filip Neduk, inspired by Diablo, the famous Blizzard hack-and-slash title.

Sanctum tries to bring to the table of all the fans the same experience offered by the Blizzard video game, putting the fate of all living species in the hands of the players. Dressing up as heroes, the group of players will have the task of eliminating the continuous hordes of enemies, preparing (naturally) for the extreme challenge with the final boss.

In addition to the looming enemy, each player will also necessarily have to “watch his back” because it will be possible to carry out attack actions towards the other participants in the game session. As if that were not enough, always with a view to maintaining the feeling with the videogame product, Sanctum will present an elaborate character progression system that will allow players to obtain increasingly powerful and performing equipment, fundamental to constantly face both demonic enemies and the “human” opponents that will present themselves during the game.

Sanctum, from today to widespread, will officially debut in October with a sale price not yet revealed.

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