Born in Ortona Porto in the province of Chieti on 4 May 1964. At the registry office his name is Rocco Tano.

Rocco, a teenager, at the age of sixteen, joined the merchant navy as a volunteer. He will end the experience in 1982 to go to Paris to join his brother Giorgio.

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In the French capital he helps out by working in the family-run restaurant but does not even mind posing as a model. It is in France that Rocco Siffredi begins to work to enter that world that fascinates him so much and that – from there a few years – will see him as the undisputed protagonist: the world of the hard.

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Rocco Tano is in a red-light room when in 1985 he met Gabriel Pontello, a well-known hard actor during the 1980s. The two make acquaintance and immediately create a good feeling: Pontello opens the doors of the hard to Rocco. The first activities concern some photos for porn magazines, which will be useful to present it to the producer Marc Dorcel and the director Michel Ricaud.

Thus arrives his first audition where, although not without embarrassment, Rocco passes the test. He is assigned a part: the first hard film in which he takes part is called “Belle d’Amour”.

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The sentimental sphere – in this period his companion is Tina, a splendid eighteen-year-old British model – involves him to such an extent that he decides to leave the film sets and return to the steps of a model career, a path he had already tried before.

He flies to London with Tina and is hired as a model by the Gawin’s agency; here he perfects his English and begins a phase of study and improvement of his style, seeking ever greater refinement.

After about two years, having finished the story with Tina, not feeling fully realized in the fashion field, Rocco decides to try again with the hard world. The occasion is provided by Teresa Orlowsky, a German pornodiva.

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His first Italian hard film is destined to remain a historical piece of the genre, also thanks to the presence (also in the title) of its protagonist, Moana Pozzi, who will become an icon-symbol of the genre: “Fantastica Moana” (by Carlo Reale ) is the title of the film.

Rocco is determined to make a serious breakthrough: in 1990 he leaves for Los Angeles to knock on the door of the Jim South agency. He meets the director John Leslie, who had already had the opportunity to meet him some years before in Rome: for his film “Curse of the Catwoman” Leslie entrusts Rocco Siffredi with an important role. The film will be a success thanks to the fact that it represents one of the first (few) films with a semblance of plot, as well as interpreted by professional actors. Rocco stands out for his performance so much that the following year he received in Las Vegas his first “A.V.N. Award” (Adult Video News Award), for the movie “Buttman’s Workout” (by John Stagliano); Rocco turns out to be “Best hard actor for threesome sex scenes”.

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After some other films he returns to Italy, intending to maintain and increase the success achieved so far. Deepens his acting studies. The most important European production companies call Rocco Siffredi to offer him leading roles.

Among his films in recent years there are “Wild Attraction”, “Grand Prix Australia”, “Dr. Rocco Mr. Sodo” (parody of “The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”), “Portrait Passion” (which refers to the novel “The portrait of Dorian Gray”, by Oscar Wilde), “Ejacula” (by Max Belloccio, where Rocco plays the protagonist vampire).

John Leslie then recalls him in the United States and entrusts him with perhaps the most important role for his career: the title of the film is “Chamaleons” and it is, according to many critics in the sector, one of the most beautiful stories ever made.

Between 1992 and 1993 he won four more “A.V.N. Awards” in Las Vegas and two “Hot D ‘Or” in Cannes.

On the occasion of the Cannes prize, in 1993 he meets Rozsa Tassi (formerly Miss Hungary), known in Italy under the pseudonym of Rosa Caracciolo. With her he plays some films, but he will become important in the life of Rocco above all as wife and mother of his two children.

During the 90s Rocco feels mature enough to start a career behind the camera. He works as a director and producer, winning in 1996 a “Hot D ‘Or” as best new director.

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The enormous success of Rocco Siffredi makes him an icon of the genre; it must be said that much of its notoriety must be attributed to the remarkable size of the penis: 24 cm in length and 16 cm in circumference.

Later he created his own production company, Rocco Siffredi Production. In 1997 he released one of his most important and famous films “Rocco and the Stories Tese I and II”, with a high production cost (with Anita Dark, Anita Blonde, Rosa Caracciolo), and that sees the exceptional participation of the musical group Elio and the Stories Tese as a nice and sonorous outline for the whole film.

In 1999 a book was published entirely dedicated to the history of Rocco and his character (“The myth of an Italian man”, Patrizia D’Agostino, Rocco Siffredi).

Rocco Siffredi then acted in three films that differed from the hard genre: in 1999 he was in “Romance”, a film-scandal by Catherine Breillat, in 2001 in “Amorestremo” by Maria Martinelli, and in 2004 in “Pornocrazia”, ​​also by Breillat .

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He announces that he wants to abandon the world of hard and, after a brief drop in popularity, in February 2006 he returns to the limelight interpreting the advertisement of a brand of French fries where there is a bold word game that sees “patatina”, as a nickname referring to the female genital organ. The ad is censored by the Jury of advertising self-discipline for vulgarity, indecency and commodification of women. An alternative version will then be filmed.

In September 2006 the autobiography is published with the title “Io, Rocco” (Mondatori).