From Kit Harington who showed up at the audition with a black eye, to Sophie Turner who cast her lunch break dreaming of Justin Bieber: the explosion of the most talked-about cast of the moment

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Although Game of Thrones has been over for over a month now, the discussions concerning the well-known TV series, one of the most followed and successful of all time, are not subdued. The main topic remains the final, for some brilliant for others a disappointment, but there are also those who have decided to analyze how the life of the GOT characters has changed, before and after the shooting. To make a summary of the situation is the documentary Game of Thrones: The Last Watch, signed HBO and aired May 26, which reviews the protagonists of the series and traces the story away from the set.

Spotlight focused primarily on Kit Harington, aka Jon Snow, who had never appeared on screen before shooting GOT. Someone in a famous family had it – he said that one of his ancestors, a certain Sir John, invented the flushing specially for the queen – but his road to celebrity opened with a strange audition to which he presented himself with a black eye: “Blame a brawl with a man at McDonald’s, maybe today I should also thank him.” Yes, because thanks to the Kit series he found not only fame but also love: since 2012 he has had a relationship with actress Rosalie Leslie, known on the set.

The story of Sophie Turner is also funny: “I still remember the morning my mother woke me up saying” Good morning Sansa Stark “. I didn’t believe it, thinking that I had done it during a lunch break at school ». At the time he was just 14, it was not easy to play the role of a lost girl in love with Joffrey Baratheon: “In reality it was not so complicated,” he said in the past. «At the time I was a huge fan of Justin Bieber, in the room I had a wall full of his photos. So I imagined that he was Justin, so that he had the same level of adoration. ” A trick that definitely worked.

Far more dramatic is the story of Emilia Clarke, aka Daenerys Targaryen, who after the first season was hit by two aneurysms: “When all my childhood dreams seemed to come true, I almost lost my mind and then my life,” he revealed recently, “I remember the sirens of the ambulance, I thought I would die or otherwise not be able to do my job”. But it is precisely thanks to the “Game of Thrones family” that she managed to fully recover: “A series that has shaped me as a person, I will always be grateful.” Although in the beginning it didn’t all go the right way: “At the first take I fell from a damn horse”

What about Richard Madden, who was broke before he was selected for the role of Robb Stark and lived with five dollars a day: “I had to choose between a meal or a newspaper and a pint. I was in my last month of rent, luckily the call came ». Or Jason Momoa, a man of few words, who, to play the role of Khal Drogo, it was enough for him to dance the haka, the Maori dance, without saying almost nothing. There are also those who, like Maisie Williams (Arya Stark), have had to hide their puberty with fake bands and bellies, and those who, like Isaac Hemsptead Wright (Bran Stark), have been forced to give up university for too much fame.

Many actors, due to sudden success, reported being passed to the psychotherapist to learn how to manage stress. But, in his own way, the same Game of Thrones can be considered a therapy: from which anyone passed it, it came out transformed.

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