The sensational discovery of the Israeli photojournalist rekindles religious debates about the end of the world. All of Ezekiel’s predictions are slowly coming true.


Several thousand years after its publication, the theory of Ezekiel returns to talk about itself. He does this through the shots of Noam Bedein, an Israeli photojournalist who has been engaged for years in the ambitious project “Dead Sea Revival Project”. In the recently published photos you would distinctly notice fish swimming inside the Dead Sea. Discovery far from the one dating back to 2011.

In fact, eight years ago, the discovery of some “extremophilic” bacteria in the famous salt lake dates back. Nothing too strange, considering the adaptability of these life forms. However, it does reflect the fact that more complex life forms have managed to find life in a basin with average salinity of 37%.

Pisces in the Dead Sea, Noam Bedein confirms the end of Ezekiel’s world

To study what this discovery actually means, we need to go back to the era in which the Bible was written. Particularly within the same would be present a particular book that we will examine, the Genesis. Within the sacred scripture there are clear references to the region where the Dead Sea is located. It is in fact described as a fertile area rich in life forms, animals and plants.

Continuing to read, then coming to chapter 19, we begin instead to outline the causes that led to the destruction of the area. The mutation is in fact due to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorra. In Genesis we read:

Then Lot looked up and saw that the whole Jordan Valley was a place irrigated on all sides … before the Lord destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah … it was like the garden of the Lord, like the land of Egypt, as far as Zoar “.

Examining also chapter 47, the correspondence between the episode and the hydro-geological mutations of the Dead Sea is striking. It is therefore clear why so many religious debates have been ignited recently. Ezekiel states in Genesis that once the fish come back to swim in the Dead Sea, the end of the world will be about to complete.

However, Bedein’s aim was not to demonstrate the historical theory, but to raise public awareness of the problems linked to the salt basin. Every year the level of the Dead Sea drops by about 1 meter, also due to the lack of tributaries.

Will it be another prophecy like the Maia, or will the end of the world really come this time?