The actor married his girlfriend in Las Vegas, but immediately regretted it.

The divorce practice lasted longer than the marriage. Nicolas Cage divorced Erika Koike, the woman he married in Las Vegas in March, a marriage for which she had requested cancellation only four days after saying yes. Among the causes of the divorce request, reports People, the fact that both Cage and Koike were “too drunk” to understand the importance of the passage and the discovery that the newly married woman had another relationship.

For Nicolas Cage this is the fourth marriage and fourth divorce. His first wife is actress Patricia Arquette, with whom he was married for six years. Later he married Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis, but by November of the same year they separated. Twelve years on the other hand, the marriage with Alice Kim lasted, married in 2004 a year before the birth of their son Kal-El.

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