An anonymous source said, which revealed many small details on the upcoming iPhone 2019.

In the last few days a large number of interesting details on the 2019 iPhones have been revealed (but call them iPhone 11, iPhone XI or whatever you like): they were revealed by Max Weinbach, who received information from an internal source and shared it with EverythingApplePro (of which you can find the video at the bottom). There have not yet been confirmations from other sources, but all the information seems quite plausible: therefore, even with the right benefit of the doubt, let’s go and see what to expect from the new melafonini.

The first little news is that the new iPhone 2019 will have a different feel, meaning it will change the feel to the touch. Unlike current models, which taste of cold glass, the iPhone 11 will therefore be more “mobile” to the touch. It therefore seems that Apple may have taken inspiration from Google Pixels and adopted a treatment that makes them more pleasant and less slippery.

Another major change will be in the audio sector: reportedly, the stereo speakers will be significantly more powerful than current models, so much so that you can compare the sound to that of small portable speakers.

Turning to the photographic field, it seems we can expect great changes in image processing, especially in smart HDR mode. Reportedly, Apple will focus a lot on cameras, much to talk about one of the biggest generational leaps in photography: according to the source, photos will be better than anything ever made by Google, Samsung or Huawei. The improvement will come not so much from the sensors as from the software elaboration, which nowadays has a huge importance: the new potential will be guaranteed by the combination of the new Apple A13 chip and the new operating system, iOS 13.

Moreover, Weinbach also confirms that the third camera will be a wide-angle lens (ultra-wide) with a 120 ° angle of view (to give a comparison, the wide angle of LG V40 ThinQ is 107 °, that of the Galaxy S10 is 123 °). However, the wide-angle lens will have no optical stabilizer, which will be present on the main lens and telephoto lens.

The triple camera system will be an exclusive for the two high-end models (which for convenience we will call iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max), while the successor to the iPhone XR (for convenience called iPhone 11 R) will have two cameras.

About iPhone XI R, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman revealed what colors should be available this year: green, yellow, red, black, lavender and white. About the green model, it will not be an intense shade, but something that turns more towards aqua green or mint green (see images at the bottom).

Completing the overview, unlike what was assumed in the past, it seems that the notch will not be smaller: however, the Face ID will be improved, which will have a greater viewing angle.

Finally, some more details also on iOS 13: in addition to Dark Mode, it seems that the new operating system will be jailbreak-proof (or, at least, this is what Apple hopes) and, above all, it will bring with it a much more version “Intelligent” of Siri, which will be able to better understand user requests.

Recall that iOS 13 will be presented on June 3 during the WWDC, while the new iPhone 2019 will be presented in September, on a date yet to be announced. Below you can find some renderings of the upcoming iPhone 11 and the aforementioned EverythingApplePro video.

iPhone 2019 XI – 5

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