The Chinese giant runs for cover after the US ban. “Even Panasonic suspends supplies”, but the Japanese company denies

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Rome, May 23, 2019 – It is chaos on the US tender for Huawei. The Japanese Panasonic announces that it has suspended shipments of some components in order to respect the restrictions imposed by the Trump administration on the Chinese company, only to later deny it after a few hours.

THE ANNOUNCEMENT, THEN THE DIETROFRONT – “We have interrupted all business with Huawei and its 68 affiliates covered by the US government ban,” says Panasonic spokesman Joe Flynn at AFP. Around, the denial arrives, diffused through the official page of the company on the Chinese social network Weibo. In the note, the news on the stop to supplies is defined as “false” and ensures that the sale of goods and services will continue to Huawei, called “important partner”.

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THE POINT – In recent days the US Department of Commerce has granted a truce of 90 days to the Chinese tech giant, which, as an immediate consequence of the inclusion in the black list of companies involved in activities contrary to national security, was seen to suspend updates Android from Google.

To take action, Huawei has announced that its operating system will be launched as soon as possible: perhaps in the fall, but not beyond the spring of 2020. “We are willing to continue using Google and Microsoft software, but we have no other choice “that the development of an autonomous system,” said Richard Yu, head of the consumer business division of the Shenzhen giant.

A move that, writes the Global Times, “reflects Huawei’s strategy of becoming independent and finding alternative solutions” to the supply of hi-tech components after the last tightening of sales decided by the US.

THE NEW OPERATING SYSTEM – Yu assured that the system will be wide-ranging and usable for smartphones, computers, tablets, TVs, cars and smart portable devices, as well as compatible with all Android applications.

THE IRA OF BEIJING – China, meanwhile, has raised its voice, denouncing “economic harassment” of the US against Huawei. “The use by the United States of state power to arbitrarily exert pressure on a private Chinese company like Huawei is a kind of economic harassment,” Foreign Minister Wang Yi said, stressing that Beijing will fight “to the end “in the trade war against Washington.

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