Man’s first trip to Mars will still be a long way off, but in the meantime you can be inside a chip and gain points as regular travelers.

It will take some time to observe the first human expeditions to Mars, but it is already possible to virtually reach the not so mysterious Red Planet aboard a NASA rover that will start in 2020. It can be done through a chip that will show everyone the names of those who have decided to participate in the initiative. It is not the first time that the American space agency has organized such a thing, in fact already in 2018 it had done a similar thing to send its name to Mars with the InSight mission and in 2014 with the first launch test of a rover called Orion’s First Flight.

HERE IS THE LINK TO REGISTER YOU! At the end of the article you will find the exact procedure.

According to the new timing agreed with the US government, NASA will work to complete the return to the moon by 2024 and reach Mars with a human delegation at most in 2033. It is therefore a very distant goal, but the space agency is rallying all those who quiver at the idea of ​​being able to reach in advance, albeit virtually, the soil of the Red Planet, inviting them to write their own names which will be engraved on a chip. The rover will take off in July 2020 and will be used to search for traces of past life, to define the planet’s climate and geology and to collect samples to be analyzed once back on Earth.

This is a very important mission because the future exploration of Mars by man will depend on it. In 2018 the mission was just as important so that NASA brought more than 2 million names on chip. For this reason the space agency has thought of some symbolic prizes for those who will participate in the initiative by registering on the site “Send your name to Mars”. In fact, in addition to a copy of the virtual ticket with its name similar to an airline ticket, the campaign provides for the allocation of points to become a regular traveler that will allow you to download, depending on the number of points reached, the corresponding always digital plates to missions to keep waiting for the first real trip to Mars.

In short, the actions to be followed are very simple, but I summarize them:

1. Go to the NASA website by following this link;
2. Fill in the requested data or name, surname, country, postal code and email;
3. Click on “Send my name to Mars” and you will get your personalized ticket;