Probably the television event of the decade and now it’s here: The eighth season of Game of Thrones! It begin with the most classic of the first episodes. What puts all the pawns in their place waiting for important things to happen. The one where nothing seems to happen, but a lot happens. To talk about it, without ruining it, we decided to create a review without spoilers.
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“We are finally there”. It must have been the thought of many when the episode started, in the middle of the night, in conjunction with many other countries. It is no coincidence that screenwriter Dave Hill and director David Nutter have seen fit to start the episode, after an acronym with totally renewed graphics for the occasion, telling the arrival of a certain army expected in Winterfell through the excited look of a child attending the parade. Therefore, we don’t start from the point of view of the protagonists, but from that of the spectator. A nice touch that signals with what awareness the authors have faced the realization of this last, epochal, season.

The episode is simply titled “Winterfell”. It comes with without highly emotional and highly anticipated moments. Among characters who have found each other, with more or less happy results, rescues, revelations and a highly spectacular sequence. The episode will not disappoint.

Certainly, those who expected that already here they left in fifth with a pitched battle and some important dead ones, will have to bear a little more patience. We are sure that the first real blows will arrive next week, while, as mentioned at the beginning, here we find order in the plots and subplots, making explicit conflicts within the great alliance against the Night King. In short, the field of many doubts is cleared, things that we thought would have been solved a little at a time are instead closed in a few scenes. We are, after all, facing the last six episodes. There is no time to lose.

The characters also say this, at a certain point, when it is clear that the army of the dead is marching towards Winterfell. The Barrier has collapsed, this is already well known at the beginning of the episode, all the Stark allies have been recalled to Winterfell and are preparing for the siege. In these circumstances, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, give us what will perhaps be the last episode “soap opera” before a breathless tour de force. An episode to savor, especially if you have wisely reviewed the whole series in recent months, in order to perfectly understand every single interpersonal relationship.

If you are satisfied, give us a thumbs up. If you still have to see the episode, stop now; do not read other reviews and, most of all, look at the episode!

Winterfell got

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