The forces of the living against those of the dead in a spectacular battle with unpredictable consequences

Il trono di spade

After the review of the first episode of Game of thrones without spoiler, we could not miss this week with the battle of the third.

The third episode of the final season of Game of Thrones is like a mid-season finale, so high is the stakes of the episode. Of which we now know the title, “The Long Night” (HBO is announcing each title after airing). The episode that finally puts the forces of the living and the dead in front of one another could not be called otherwise. The Night King advances towards Winterfell with only one purpose: to kill the Crow with Three Eyes, aka Bran Stark, and erase the memory of Westeros and then invade the rest of the continent. Doing maybe one or two kings out, as long as it exists.


For a long time this episode was announced as the most spectacular battle ever seen on television and, from that point of view, it does not disappoint. Although the fact that it is set throughout the night must have been not just a help to save on special effects that otherwise would have been really too expensive for a TV series. To disappoint a little, however, is the fact that everything is too hasty. To find out why you’ll have to watch the episode ๐Ÿ™‚

However, the surprises did not miss, or rather the surprise in the final. That at least partially repays the feeling of having invested for weeks, months, years in an episode that, although undeniably engaging, is “only” an episode of transition awaiting the “real” final, which will arrive over the next three weeks . It is impossible to say more without spoiling the vision to those who have not yet seen “The Long Night”.

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See you next week with the fourth episode ๐Ÿ™‚