In the last article we read the outstanding questions with the last episode of Game Of Thrones.
Now let’s read the last questions, who knows if they will find an answer in the books?

6) Could Arya’s final introduce a spin-off? We know that many other projects related to the Throne of Swords are in the pipeline, but these are still prequels based on Martin’s novels. And yet, the departure of the young Stark would seem to want to look to the future, and many are now clamoring for us to be shown her adventures in the Lands where nobody has ever arrived. Will they come to the small screen?

7) Where will the Dothraki go? After the death of Daenerys we saw the Immaculates leave for Naath, the land that Verme Grigio and Missandei wanted to visit. But the fate of the Dothraki is not mentioned. In short, they will certainly not have remained at the King’s Landing, so where did they go after the finale?

8) What does Podrick do to women? What is his secret? Yes ok, it’s not such an important question, but now we want to know!

9) What happened to Daario? Of course, he wasn’t exactly one of the main characters in the series, but still Daenerys’s faithful lover, as well as commander of the Second Sons’ army, was left in Meereen, on the orders of his queen. Fine, we haven’t seen him again. Where will he have gone after Targaryen’s death?

10) What happened to the prophecies? From the beginning it seems that there were so many events already written: Melisandre speaks of a Prince who was promised and of the famous red comet. What happened to that symbol? But above all, who was he talking about? And yet, Melisandre had also predicted that Arya would kill a person with green eyes. Whose is it?

11) Is Jon Snow leaving with the Brutes? In the final scene we see the character of Kit Harington set off beyond the barrier in the company of Tormund and Ghost. But wasn’t his condemnation to be with the Guardians? Where are you going?

12) Who is the new Prince of Dorne? In the scene in which the provisional council meets to elect a new sovereign, we are shown for the first time the successor of Doran Martell, which is also discussed in the fourth episode of the eighth season. Who is? We know that Ellaria Sand and the desert Vipers have killed all the male descendants of the Martell family, so technically it cannot belong to the royal family. So who is it?

there is only one way to find out the answers to these questions, to look at the episodes trying to see what others have not seen or by reading the books!

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