And that apparently, they will never have an answer …

Risultati immagini per game of thrones

After a long journey that lasted 8 years, as many seasons and 73 episodes, “Game of thrones” greeted its audience recently with the airing of the episode 8 × 06. The final one, which decreed the new ruler of Westeros, closed the narrative arcs of all the characters, offered clues about their future and … answered all the questions that the scriptwriters had left hanging?

Not exactly. Because on balance, there are still several questions left open after the finale, while many others have been created by the final events; and this means that we will never have a real explanation. If not through the statements of the same authors or Martin, who apparently still counts to finish his literary saga once and for all. And it would be pure now!

But back to the dilemmas that make us not sleep at night, well, there are so many. And below we have decided to list the most significant, pounding and on which the whole web has been trying to reason for days now. If you have any answers, write them in the comments as well as your questions. Who knows, maybe some other user will be able to help you deal with it!

Risultati immagini per game of thrones

1) What good are the night watchmen? In the end, as a life sentence for killing Daenerys, Jon is sent back to the Barrier. But what to do? The strangers have now been defeated, while the Brutes, who were initially the biggest threat to the protagonists, have turned out to be faithful allies. So what good is it that those poor men are still there? Wouldn’t they be more useful anywhere else?

2) Why didn’t Drogon kill Jon? Yes, in short, at what point do dragons understand human intrigues and the eternal struggle for power? Because we have all seen the fury of Daenerys’ last son in discovering that his mother had died at the hands of Jon, yet his fire is directed towards the throne of swords, rather than the culprit. Clearly at the metaphorical level it was actually the lust to become queen that killed Daenerys, but on a purely practical level, was Drogon aware of this? Or maybe he spared Jon simply because he felt pain in him?

3) To whom had Varys written? We have all seen Daenerys’ advisor, now aware of his inadequacy in holding the queen role, writing a letter that revealed the true identity of Jon Snow. But who was the recipient of those words? Will he ever be able to read them?

5) How does the story of Tyrion end up on the honeycomb and the donkey? Well, it is from the first season, when he was in the presence of Lysa Arryn, that poor Lannister tries to tell his anecdote, always being interrupted. Without giving up, he tried again with Missandei and Gray Worm in Meereen, failing once again. We saw his last attempt in the final episode, and even there, nothing at all. What happened when he brought a honeycomb and donkey to a brothel? Bets are open.

6) What happened to Drogon? We see him fly away with the dead body of Daenerys, but actually what will have happened? Bran says he was spotted as he headed east. Will he return to Essos or Valyria, the true home of dragons and Targaryens? A scene in which we were shown the place where he rests his mother’s body would certainly have been interesting.

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