Two thousand potential buyers invited to get acquainted with the newborn hypercar sf90

Ferrari, l'incredibile pellegrinaggio dei clienti a Maranello per la nuova SF90 Stradale

A three-day party with two thousand guests: this is the show put on by Ferrari to introduce the new SF90 Stradale to potential customers. An endless pilgrimage, with fans from all over the world – China, Mexico, Japan, Australia – to touch the newborn myth. And maybe order it.

How many did it? Mystery, at Ferrari on the subject they maintain the utmost secrecy, but it is obvious that if one arrives from the other side of the world to watch a car, it does not do it for fun. It is therefore conceivable that – for now – at Maranello, at least 3,000 reservations have been made for the SF90 Stradale, among the 2,000 present and the thousands of collectors scattered around the planet who could not attend the presentation in person.

Incredible numbers, which become even more so if we consider that those who ordered the car practically did it in the dark. That is without knowing the price, which will be revealed in a few weeks. For now we only know – but they are our estimates, not confirmed by Maranello – that the SF90 will cost about half a million. In practice twice (more or less) the price of the 812 Superfast, the current top of the Ferrari range.

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And that’s not all: on the SF90 the certain delivery date is also missing, but even this is a detail for those who made the pilgrimage to Maranello …

Certainly the fledgling supercar inaugurates a new – ingenious – Ferrari commercial strategy: just a limited edition hypercar. Even the 1000 horse monsters (the SF90 on the Fiorano track is much faster than the LaFerrari) will be sold in large numbers. However, the “special” pieces will not die: for them the new “Icon” section was opened, which gave birth to the Monza SP1 and SP2. This means that there will be no more speculation on the resale of reservations (which the Maranello company fights by delivering the machines only to trusted customers) and disgruntled customers: everyone will have their own hypercar. This too is a sort of “democratization” of the myth. That will make Ferrari’s sales go through the roof.

Ferrari, l'incredibile pellegrinaggio dei clienti a Maranello per la nuova SF90 Stradale

A worthy competitor to the new Ferrari is the Tesla Model Y.