The actress returns to the subject after the photos appeared in the media with her son dressed in women’s clothes

A couple of weeks ago she complained that she had been single for ten years, launching an appeal to come forward, then she confessed to having a crush on Tom Hanks, now Charlize Theron reveals to the Daily Mail that her eldest son Jackson (about 9 years), originally presented to the world as a child, is actually a girl. “Yes, I also thought he was a child. Until he looked at me when he was three and told me: ‘I’m not a boy'”. The actress said she now has “two beautiful daughters” (in addition to Jackson, the actress adopted the smaller August) and to hope to see them both grow well. “I can’t decide who I want to be,” added the actress who has been photographed for some time in the company of Jackson, dressed in women’s clothes.

Chalize Theron, Oscar winner in 2004 for Monster, stressed that her job as a mother is to celebrate and love her children regardless of their identities. Theron also said she was inspired by her mother. “I was taught by my mother that you have to talk, you must be able to know that when this life is over, you will have lived in the truth with which you are at ease and that nothing negative can come from this,” he said. actress who in the past had revealed that she had grown up in a difficult situation, with an alcoholic and violent father and in 2017 then revealed that her mother had shot and killed her father in self-defense. And speaking of this tragedy he had added: “I simply pretended it never happened. I didn’t tell anyone, I didn’t want to tell anyone. Every time someone asked me, I said that my father had died in an car accident. Who wants to tell a story like this? Nobody “.

It is not the first time that Theron refers to Jackson’s new gender identity. In an interview with Access last year, the actress had already hinted that she considered Jackson a girl. “I look at my two beautiful girls and I think I have the concerns that all mothers have. I want them to be safe and I want them to live their full potential,” he said.

Charlize Theron is a long-standing LGBT activist. In 2009, he said he would not marry his fiancĂ©, Stuart Townsend, until it was possible in the US to marry people of the same sex. In 2017, when he played a bisexual spy in Atomic Blonde, he revealed that he had had homosexual experiences in the past. “When I was young, yes. When you are young, you explore everything. But it was clear enough that I like boys very much.”

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