Bret Michaels is a proud father.

Speaking with Fox News, the Poison frontman shared his way of seeing his
18-year-old daughter, Raine, make headway in the annual Sports Illustrated
Swimsuit competition.

“As a father, I have been there since cutting the umbilical cord so far,
and I also mean his mother. I say this, both, as really proud parents of
Raine,” Michaels told us about his eldest son. “He did a great job. He’s
going to school in a really good university for TV journalism. She loves
it. She’s in Tennessee.”

He continued: “She is one of those people who is a kind soul. She is
humble. At the same time, she is a fighter. I am really proud of her. I am
grateful for opinions and votes. Sports Illustrated – because I am a
fanatic of sport – I am so proud of her because she is also a great
magazine to make herself known. All the girls who came in, I give credit
and the six finalists, it’s incredible. ”

What about if you initially had reservations about your daughter showing
off her figure for the magazine?

“I knew he wanted to be a model … You know they call her” adult “,” the
56-year-old singer explained. “They’re going it alone. She’s 18 years old.
She’s making a decision in college, so you hope you gave her the right
skills and mindset to make the right decisions. That’s all you can do and
I’m there for her, no matter what. ”

“No matter what happens in his life, I will be there as a dad because you
want to be a good supplier and a good protector, and I also tell you the
risks that come from it,” he added, stressing that “there is a lot of
fantastic people and people who stand behind her and look great, and you’ll
also have some people who aren’t fantastic people – if they’re trying to
convince them of a bad contract or they’re perverts or whatever they are,
you know.

“It will have to do with good and evil.”

Along with Raine, Michaels is also very impressed by his younger daughter,
Jorja Bleu, who recently collaborated with the 13-year-old to co-write a
new song called “Unbroken”.