Fantasy series, historical dramas and revenge tragedies are the ideal shows to devote to after the end of The Throne of Swords: here our tips to overcome nostalgia.

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4. Spartacus

The American channel Hbo has, over the last decade, has been a source of TV awards thanks to the quality of its productions. And yet, for many who recognize the artistic merits, others are also far-sighted enough to see the tricks with which the series made to debut on this paid network seduce the spectators, including the smug tendency with which the writers linger over sex and violence.

For a series with a historical background – for when Game of Thrones is a fantasy, the setting is medieval – staging tortures, heinous deaths, rape and sexual perversions is perfectly consistent, but there are few shows that know how to do it by making beautiful series and as memorable as Spartacus was.

The historical series that recalls the clashes between gladiators of ancient Roman times and the liberation of slaves (a fundamental part of The Throne of Swords) focused on the deeds of the Thracian warrior Spartacus was certainly violent and excessive, but also extremely compelling and rich of intrigue. Above all, his protagonist was a just warrior who someone will remember Jon Snow and an indomitable leader against petty nobles, and this can certainly please the orphaned fans of The Throne of Swords.

5. The Witcher

In this list we also include a series to come, a fantasy based on a series of books signed by the Polish artist Andrzej Sapkowski with a fantasy background (as The throne of swords is by The Chronicles of Ice and Fire by Martin). It is the most likely heir of Game of Thrones in terms of genre, setting, budget and choral in the cast (among the protagonists there is the Englishman Henry Cavill, famous for The Tudors and for being the Superman of the films of Zack Snyder) .

The saga of Geralt of Rivia on which the show is centered follows the wanderings of a monster hunter, in search of assignments, following his moral code and running into characters who need his help. The series is coming to Netflix in the fall, so there will be little to wait before – maybe – ending up obsessed with another show after The Throne of Swords.

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