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Fantasy series, historical dramas and revenge tragedies are the ideal shows to devote to after the end of The Throne of Swords: here are our tips to overcome nostalgia.

The cult fantasy series Game of Thrones ended a few days after eight seasons, and as few others have been able to do over the years has managed to establish itself as a media phenomenon. So much so that some orphaned spectators of the show need psychological support as if they had suffered a mourning after the farewell of the series inspired by the novels written by George RR Martin.

There are those who will console themselves with the expected spinoff, who will give themselves to the unbridled binge-watching of the seasons now concluded and who could fill the void devoting themselves to shows that lend themselves to being followed after the end of the struggles for the conquest of the throne of swords ended with the accession to the throne of a candidate that few would have bet on (and that not everyone appreciated).

Here, meanwhile, 5 series to see after Game of Thrones.

1. Taboo

This series is produced by Steve Knight (along with Ridley Scott) but its creator is London actor Tom Hardy along with his father writer, Chip. Set in Dickens’s London, dark, cruel and muddy, Taboo is a revenge tragedy, a perfect show for all those who have chosen Arya’s character as her champion with her strenuous search for revenge against those who have done wrong to her or her loved ones.

The protagonist Delaney (Hardy) is a former soldier returned from the Americas to take revenge on the lords of the Company of the Indies (we don’t reveal the details but we are talking about abuses perpetrated to conquer rich territories): astute planner, unscrupulous exploiter and haunted by a dark side that devours him, with his mission of revenge is the perfect cure to the nostalgia for The Throne of Swords. Ah, there is also a story of incest among brothers …

2. Galavant

A few days ago the actor Timothy Omundson commented on his social page the end of Game of Thrones advising to those who already felt the lack of approaching Galavant. Good idea: the series that saw him as protagonist in the role of the tyrannical tyrant King Richard is to be recommended to those who appreciate medieval settings, battles for the conquest of the throne, spotless knights and diabolical noblewomen who take the reign of the kingdom without showing goodness to anyone.

For those who love the genre but after the string of dramatic events that have punctuated The throne of swords would prefer to turn towards the comedy, Galavant is perfect: created by Dan Fogelman of This is Us, it is a hilarious musical with a group of protagonists impossible not to love, above all, the eponymous knight, determined to do anything to win back his beloved, and his antagonist, the aforementioned king who kidnapped her. They are only two seasons, but brilliantly full of surprises (and prestigious guests).

3. Peaky Blinders

The BBC series created by the aforementioned Steve Knight, British film director, is perfect for those who mourn the end of Game of Thrones and love the stories focused on families united by the thirst for power (like the Lannisters, but you wouldn’t want to see dead). Tommy Shelby and his brothers are veterans from the First World War who returned to Birmingham’s home town and decided to become the masters.

They are criminals, murderers and mobsters. They have no qualms about punishing, coercing and massacring, but they are the ideal characters to fill the void of those who love the “good” characters of Game of Thrones full of shadows and ambiguous, especially when we think of the boss of the three, Tommy, veteran with a child’s face capable of staining itself with horrendous crimes but also full of humanity and devoted to the family.

Come back and see us Friday to discover the last 2 series you shouldn’t miss 🙂

source: wired.it/play/televisione/2019/05/28/5-serie-tv-dopo-game-of-thrones/